DJI Ronin 2

No matter the size of the shot, the complexity, the feel of the scene. The Ronin 2 can help bring what you envisioned to life. Our Ronin 2 rig has wireless video, wireless follow focus, AC and Operator monitors. And can fly everything from a 5D to a RED or Alexa, the Ronin 2 can support all your needs. We also have a WEAPON HELUIM/Ronin 2 package deals. For inquirers on renting a Ronin 2, Please contact our Gimbal op/tech Jon Carr for all your rental/oping/tech needs.

MOVI tech Jon Carr contact
(215) 820-7767

Jon's Reel reel

Ronin 2 Package
1- Ronin 2 Gimbal
1- Ronin 2 Power Hub (w/ Camera Control Module)
1- Camera Dovetail Plate
1- Camera Top Cross Bar ×1
1- Remote Controller (w/ Neckstrap) ×1
1- TB50 Battery Mount ×1
6- Intelligent Battery (TB50)
1- Battery Charger
1- Battery Charger Power Cable ×1
1- Quad Charging Hub
1- Grip (w/ Fold-away Feet and Top Mounting Block)
1- Accessories Package (Screws & Hex Tool)
1- Quick Start Guide
1- Monitor Mounting Bracket
1- 15mm Rod Mount
2- 15mm Rod
1- Ronin 2 Universal Mount
1- Water Tight Protective Case
1- Ronin 2 MotionBlock
1- 80-85mm zip box mattebox
1- 90-95mm zip box matte box
1- 100-105mm zip box matte box
1- 110-115mm zip box mattebox

Cables Package
(Red Power Cable, RED thin Lemo cable, Arri Alexa Mini Power Cable, CANBUS to 2-pin Power Cable, CANBUS to 5.5mm Power Cable, Triple P-tap Breakout Box, USB Type-C Data Cable, RED RCP Control Cable, Arri Alexa Mini Start/Stop
Cable, SDI IN Cable, SDI OUT Cable, Remote Battery Mounting Cable, UART to D-BUS Cable, 1 each.)

Ready Rig Pro

1- RTmotion
1- motor cable
1- motor
1- receiver
1- tap cable
2- smallHD 702 bright
2- monitor cages
4- v-lock batteries
1- v-lock charger
1- teradek transmitter
2- teradek receivers
2- sdi cables
3- p-tap cables


500/day 1500/week